YWQ Vegetarian Bistro Review


Yuan Wei Quan (YWQ Vegetarian Bistro) is one of the new restaurants to debut in recent months. In fact, it is just about 1 month old when we visited the restaurant. It is located in the newly constructed CT Hub, opposite Bendeemer MRT which is under construction. As this building is relatively new, this place is really quiet with only a handful of shops opened at the moment. Despite the quietness, we saw quite a few patrons during lunchtime. This is sure a good sign for a budding eatery. YWQ Vegetarian Bistro offered a good range of western and oriental vegetarian cuisine. Hence the restaurant is suitable for big family gatherings of which each family member may have different tastes, for example the younger generation wants to eat western meal while the elders wants to eat more traditional Chinese food.

We went to this store two days in a roll, so we decided to combined all the things we have tried into this post. This post is a bit skewed towards their set meals, however they do serve Chinese alacarte dishes as well just that we were having some cravings for western style meals. :)

Teriyaki Fish Set


The mock fish from YWQ is thin and crispy, made of beancurd skin and seaweed. It does not seems to be those store-bought mock fish. However, it is rather bland and relies heavily on the seaweed for taste. The Teriyaki sauce did not add much taste to the dish. This seem to be a deliberate decision by the restaurant to retain the natural taste of its ingredients for all its dishes though some may find this approach pretty bland. The vegetables served are blanched and mixed with mock oyster sauce, really healthy cooking here.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $5.50


Chicken Cutlet Set


The mock chicken meat patties are store-bought and you can find them in any decent vegetarian grocery store. The BBQ sauce added some taste to an otherwise uninspiring dish.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $5.50


Sambal Fish Set


The mock fish served is also those of store-bought variety. The mock fish is crispy and the sambal chilli a good match to the dish. However, there is nothing surprising about the dish.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $5.50


Mushroom Burger Set


We loved the presentation of the mushroom burger. The two big patties further added to the overall appeal of the set meal. In fact, the patties are the usual mock ham sold by economical mee hoon vegetarian stall but you will not be able to tell from the picture. The black pepper sauce is not spicy and make the patties more favourful. Overall, YWQ does a good job with this burger set.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $8


Teriyaki Chicken Burger Set


The next burger set we had was the Teriyaki Chicken Burger set. The soya meat patty, seems to be homemade as I’ve not tasted this else where before. The texture is crispy on the outside and soft inside. We quite like the patty, however it is served with no Teriyaki sauce or any other sauce, making it quite bland. This is definitely not as good as the Mushroom Burger Set.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $8


Enchilada Set


This is essentially a Mexican style wrap. I’ve not seen this served in other vegetarian eateries here so I was pretty curious how it taste. The dish took a while to come as it needs to be baked. I gently unwrapped one of it to see what’s inside and there were only mushroom and mock ham inside the tortilla with a bit of what tasted like the mushroom sauce from the Mushroom Burger. It is topped with a lot of cheese and baked in the oven. The wrap is a bit hard after baking but the inside is soft and favourful. The down side is that the portion is small with a relative hefty price tag of $10 and a long waiting time. This is definitely not what you would want to order if you have limited time during lunch.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $10


Cheezy Mushroom


The Portobello mushroom is filled with minced silky tofu and topped off with cheese. The tofu is served in all its naturalness (ie not much seasoning), so the dish essentially relies on the cheese for its taste.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $10


Ham Veggie Wrap


The tortilla wrap is wrapped loosely with purple cabbage, lettuce and mock ham with salad sauce. It tasted pretty average to me.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $3



After tasting some of the set meals, we strongly recommend the Mushroom Burger and Enchilada Set from YWQ Vegetarian Bistro.

Click here for more details on YWQ Vegetarian Bistro.

YWQ Vegetarian Bistro is located one bus stop away from Lavendar MRT or three bus stop away from Boon Keng MRT. When Bendeemer MRT is completed, it will be more convenient for patrons to come to YWQ.

Location: 3.5/5

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