(Closed) Yi Xin Bukit Batok Review

(Please note that this stall has closed down.)

Sometimes ago, a reader alerted me about a Yi Xin vegetarian stall located at a coffee shop near Clementi MRT. However, I was disappointed to find out the stall has closed it. Yet several months later, some vegetarian friends informed me that there is a stall selling good vegetarian food at Block 217 Bukit Batok Street 21. Lo and behold, I am surprised to find that the stall is actually the Yi Xin which has moved from Clementi.


Yi Xin, similar to Hwa Jin, sells 2 to 3 unique dishes daily. Unlike Hwa Jin, Yi Xin does not operate after lunch time. It also sells Roti Prata everyday which is a big draw and key differentiator from other vegetarian food eateries in the vicinity.

Roti Prata

Speaking of Roti Prata from Yi Xin, the curry gravy really tastes like authentic Indian vegetable curry with the quintessential Indian spice tastes and smell. The potatoes and vegetables are cooked really soft. If I am being picky, I will prefer the curry to be spicier. Roti Prata happens to be available daily at Yi Xin Bukit Batok which appears to be a boon for its business.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $0.80 per plain Prata (no minimum order)

Vegetable and Long Bean Rice (菜豆饭)

Vegetable and long bean rice (菜豆饭) is available every Tuesday. The dish derives its name from the yam rice which usually has bits of long beans and other vegetables. The yam rice from Yi Xin is soft and tastes great. The soup is in fact vegetarian Bak Kut Teh with real mushrooms, mock stock mushroom meat and vegetables. The Bak Kut Teh soup can be more flavourful but I am just being picky. Very few vegetarian eateries offer this dish so you should really come down and try it for yourself.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $3.50

Kueh Chup

Kueh Chap is available every Wednesday. The mock pig intestines tastes similar to the vegetarian char siew bun fillings which is unusual as hawkers typically just uses the generic factory stock glutton intestines. The sour spicy chilli sauce is also great. On the other hand, the salted vegetables and braised egg are really salty. Fortunately, the soup is mildly flavoured. Overall I find the Kway Chap to be well above average.

Price: $3
Quality: 4/5

Lei Cha (擂茶)

Lei Cha (擂茶) is also available every Wednesday. The green tea soup is mildly flavoured. And you will find typical Lei Cha ingredients of peanuts, beancurd and diced vegetables. There are not much flavourings in the dish so it is a favourite among health buffs. You can consume the dish and soup separately. But I will recommend that you pour the soup onto the rice as the ingredients are quite bland to eat on their own. You will rarely find Lei Cha in Singapore vegetarian eateries probably because the soup is difficult to prepare and not many people love the taste of the dish (or should I say, the lack of taste). Nevertheless, if you are a vegetarian health buff, you should make your way to Yi Xin for a treat.

Price: $4.30
Quality: 4.5/5

Duck Rice

The Duck Rice is available every Friday. The eatery uses the sliced mock meat patter (commonly used in western meals) which goes really well with the yam rice. The serving is heartily big with braised peanuts and vegetables and delivers great value for the price.

Price: $3
Quality: 4.5/5


We strongly recommend the above mentioned dishes from Yi Xin to our readers.

You can find out about the operating hours for Yi Xin Bukit Batok here.

Yi Xin is located at the fringe of Bukit Batok estate. If you intend to take public transportation, there is only one long haul bus service 173 serving the area. However, as it is a long haul bus service, you will have to waste some times waiting for the bus.

Location: 1.5/5

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