Yang Sheng Vegetarian Review

Yang Sheng, at the Yuhua Food Centre, is not located prominently as Zhen Vegetarian. Yet Yang Sheng sells an assortment of vegetarian claypot dishes. As we seldom find vegetarian claypot dishes, we decided to find out whether they taste as good as they look on the menu.


Claypot Rice

The claypot rice is cooked in the same way as other vegetarian stalls. the stall puts soy sauce in the claypot, followed by rice and other ingredients. The claypot is then heated on the stove. Though we find plenty of beancurd, long beans and cabbages, we find a dish of which its ingredients do not mix well with one another. We are simply not impressed with the dish since Yang Sheng is supposed to specialise in claypot dishes.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 3/5

Claypot Noodles

The ingredients are the same as the claypot rice, with the mock fish and dumplings. We wish that the gravy can be thicker and more flavourful. This is sadly another average dish.

Price: $3
Quality: 3/5

Seaweed Soup with Rice

Again, Yang Sheng did not re-invent the wheel for the ingredients. And the seaweed soup tastes bland.

Price: $3
Quality: 2.5/5


After sampling the main dishes from Yang Sheng, we now understand why its business is not on par with Zhen Vegetarian. We recommend that you only try out Yang Sheng when Zhen closed for the day.

You can find out about the location and operating hours of Yang Sheng online.

Yang Sheng, located in Yuhua Hawker Centre, is a short walk from Lakeside MRT.

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