Xin Man Yuan Dim Sum Review

Xin Man Yuan, which opened late last year, sold a variety of Dim Sum from 11am to 3pm. As few vegetarian eateries in Singapore served vegetarian Dim Sum, my wife and I decided that this would be the venue for our Valentine’s Day lunch this year. As there were too many Dim Sum, we simply placed each Dim Sum under “Recommended”, “So-So” and “Avoided At All Cost” category.


Vegetarian Seafood Dumpling with Soup

This was the only soup-based Dim Sum. We loved the unique dish for the dumpling and soup. However, there was only one big dumpling at a hefty price of $6.

Pan-fried Dumpling/Mushroom and Spinach Dumpling

As this was a Valentine’s Day lunch, my wife’s opinion mattered. These were the other 2 dishes, which she liked after the Seafood Dumpling with Soup.

Fried carrot cake

We loved the soft texture of the fried carrot cake, but it was quite oily. The chef should have left the dish in the steamer longer to evaporate the oil.



BBQ Bun was usually a sure-win, but we found the bun fillings to have too much sauce.

Deep Fried Taro Ball/Crispy Veg Shrimp Pattis

The fillings were ordinary, but we liked the deep fried crust, which was Xin Man Yuan’s speciality. Both Dim Sum could be seen in the first photo of this post.

Egg Tart

We were disappointed to learn that the restaurant used egg powder to make the tarts. No wonder the tarts tasted powdery.

Black Sesame Pancake

We were glad to have something sweet to balance all the fried and steamed Dim Sum. We apologised for the lack of photo, as we were busy eating.

Avoided At All Costs

Crispy vegetarian seafood salad roll

The filling in the spring roll had more salad than any other ingredients. We really felt cheated :(

Chestnut Siew Mai

The Siew Mai was definitely the weakest link among the Dim Sum. They tasted bland and stiff. We would not recommend this dish to our readers.


Xin Man Yuan offered the largest variety of vegetarian Dim Sum in Singapore. If you loved Dim Sum, you should stop reading now and go down to the restaurant to ease your cravings. Be warned that the Dim Sum were expensive at $1.50 per piece. Due to the expensive prices, we recommended that you only patronised the restaurant for special occasions, just like what we did.

We have included the opening hours and location of Xin Man Yuan online.

We walked to the restaurant from Chinatown MRT.

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