Why does Little Green Wok Exists?


My wife and I have been vegetarian for more than 10 years.

Throughout these years, the typical questions which relatives, friends and colleagues will ask include:-
1. Where can we find vegetarian food?
2. Why do we keep going back to the same places to eat out?
3. We are going to this place to eat today. Do you know whether there is vegetarian food for you?

Most of the times, I do not have ready answers to all these questions.

There are several online food directories in Singapore. However, a search for vegetarian food on these food directories often returns vegetarian friendly eateries which is frustrating for me as I prefer to dine at an eatery which only serves vegetarian food. Moreover, the searches do not inform me whether the food served by the eateries is vegan or vegetarian. Apparently these online food directories do not understand that there are several types of vegetarians in the world.

Hence, my source of information for vegetarian food are usually from fellow vegetarians. Yet, most of the times, they could not give specific information on the eateries eg operating hours, location or even the exact name. This makes it hard for me to find new places to dine.

I vividly remember that my wife was in Clementi several years ago. As I work in Jurong East, she called me up to ask about vegetarian stalls in Clementi. I told her about 2 locations near Clementi MRT which I knew served vegetarian  food. At that time, they were Zi Zai Zhai at Block 328 Clementi Avenue 2 and another stall at Block 450 Clementi Avenue 3 next to NTUC.  I have forgotten that there were 2 more vegetarian stalls near the Clementi Avenue 2 Food Centre. However,  she found out to her dismay that both places were closed down. She had to return to her workplace empty-stomached.

How I wish there is a guide like Little Green Wok which can help my wife find vegetarian food at that moment. I am sure that my fellow vegetarians have similar encounters.

Lastly I hope that you will find Little Green Wok useful.

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