Victor’s Vegetarian Food Review


As you approach Victor Vegetarian, you will always encounter a very busy scene. The boss will be sitting on the table in front of the stall taking orders and preparing ingredients for the Otah. Two auntie helpers will be busy barbecuing the satay in the stall while another male helper barbecuing the Otah. To add to the chaos, customers crowd around the stall anxiously waiting for their orders to be fulfilled. You may wonder why this stall is so popular. This is because Victor Vegetarian is the only vegetarian stall in Singapore which specialise in vegetarian Satay and Otah.


Victor sells its satay in two flavours namely vegetarian chicken and mutton. The mutton satay is primarily made of mushroom stock while the chicken of glutton. The peanut satay sauce is slightly sweet and starchy. The mutton satay has a firm texture with slight mushroom taste while the chicken satay is softer in texture. I personally prefer the chicken flavour for its softness and taste. The reason why Victor Satay is popular is because it is made on the spot. It is not the run-of-the-mill factory packaged vegetarian satay you could order from other hawker stalls. You will not get vegetarian Satay which is more authentic than what Victor will offer.

Quality: 5/5
Price : $3.50 (minimum order of 5 sticks)


Otah is another reason why customers flock to Victor. Like the Satay, they are freshly made and patiently barbecued on the spot. As a result, the Otah do not have this artificial and cold taste like the factory mass produced Otah commonly sold by other hawker stalls. However you should exercise some caution when purchasing the Otah from Victor. Occasionally the Otah are not barbecued long enough that the fillings are not cooked properly. Or the Otah are left in the basket for too long that it becomes too stiff. So do ask the helper when the Otah was made before purchasing them. Insist on getting the freshly barbecued ones.

Quality: 5/5
Price : $0.50 per Otah


We strongly recommend the Satay and Otah from Victor’s Vegetarian Food.

Circuit Road Food Centre is quite far away from major public transport hubs. The quickest way is to take a bus from the nearby Macpherson MRT along the Circle Line or Aljunied MRT along the East-West Line. Do take note that almost all of its vegetarian hawker stalls (except for Choo Zai Zhai Vegetarian and Tang Leng Chay Vegetarian Food) open from late afternoon onwards.

Location: 2/5

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