Victor Veggie Review


Victor Veggie is the latest vegetarian stall to debut in Circuit Road Food Centre. It fills a niche which is sorely missing since the Food Centre completed its renovation three years ago. The star dish of this stall is Yong Tau Foo (酿豆腐). There are also other dishes like Satay Bee Hoon and mince meat noodles which sell out pretty fast. The stall is able to churn out the Yong Tau Foo quite fast. Hence I usually patronise this hawker stall when there are lot of people queuing at other more popular stalls like Xuan Miao Vegetarian and Victor Vegetarian Food.



The food items for Yong Tau Foo are neatly laid out in the front counter for customers to choose. You can request the stall to serve your dish in laksa gravy or with rice instead of noodles. Among the food items on sale, my personal favourites are the fried dumpling and beancurd. The sweet brown sauce is exactly what I will expect from a top-notch Yong Tau Foo stall. The chilli sauce is spicy and slightly sour which complements the dishes perfectly. The soup is tasty too.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $3.50


On the other hand, I am delighted by the Satay Bee Hoon from Victor Veggie. Very few vegetarian stalls sell Satay Mee Hoon probably because the satay sauce is difficult to prepare and get it correct. The satay peanut sauce is slightly sweet and quite starchy. The Satay Bee Hoon from Victor Veggie comes with mock cuttlefish, lean meat, sliced beancurd and Kang Kong. Only if the satay sauce is spicier, I will have given it a 5/5.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $3.50

We strongly recommend the Yong Tau Foo and Satay Mee Hoon from Victor Veggie. You can get the details of the stall here.

Circuit Road Food Centre is quite far away from major public transport hubs. The quickest way is to take a bus from the nearby Macpherson MRT along the Circle Line or Aljunied MRT along the East-West Line. Do take note that almost all of its vegetarian hawker stalls (except for Choo Zai Zhai Vegetarian and Tang Leng Chay Vegetarian Food) open from late afternoon onwards.

Location: 2/5

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