Vegetarian Villas Review

Vegetarian Villas is a hidden gem for vegetarians living and working in the western part of Singapore. However, its location in the Jurong West district is less than ideal. Only two buses serve its nearest bus stop. Despite this shortcoming, we are glad to discover this vegetarian restaurant.


Vegetarian Villas offers a variety of rice and noodle dishes with a well stocked Yong Tau Foo bar which will put dedicated Yong Tau Foo stalls to shame. When we first visit Vegetarian Villas and sit outside the restaurant, we are surprised to learn that we have to bring out the utensils ourselves. As weird as the customer service is, we are soon won over by the delicious food from the restaurant.

Duck Rice

At first glance, we feel disappointed to find a meagre serving of mock braised meat on the yam rice. But the soft yam rice and deliciously humble looking braised beancurd redeem the dish. Also, the Kai Lan vegetables rounded up this dish perfectly.

Price: $3.80
Quality: 4.5/5

Satay Mee Hoon


We find plenty of Satay gravy in the dish. But the gravy lacks spiciness and has too much peanuts. Despite a variety of ingredients, we still find the Satay Mee Hoon from Hwa Jin more superior.

Price: $3.80
Quality: 3.5/5

Claypot Rice


Finding delicious vegetarian Claypot Rice is an uphill task in Singapore. We find plenty of ingredients such as sliced mock ham and diced mock meat. However, we only give an average rating to the Claypot Rice as there is not enough soy sauce to blend the rice with the ingredients.

Price: $4.80
Quality: 3/5

Sambal Fish Rice


The spicy Sambal sauce is separately prepared and doused on the deep fried mock fish. There are plenty of sliced mock fish and lady fingers. We wish that more rice could be given.

Price: $5.80
Quality: 3.5/5

Kway Chup

We find the Kway Chup from Vegetarian Villas interesting as there is not much mock pig intestines (which is great as we are not big fan of mock gluten meat.) We absolutely love the preserved vegetables, beancurd skin and the well braised beancurd. Together with the Kway Chup, the taste is something which we have not experienced elsewhere. This is a must try!

Price: $3.80
Quality: 5/5

Yong Tau Foo

The cashier quotes us an additional 80 cents when we request that the ingredients be kept in a separate bowl of soup. After some clarifications, she realises that it is a mis-communication and think we want an additional bowl of noodles hence the extra charges. We heave a sigh of relief. Very often noodles mixed with the ingredients arrive in a chaotic mess which dampen our appetite. We love our Yong Tau Foo ingredients to be separated from the noodles so that we can selectively choose the ingredient from the soup and dip into the sweet brown or hot chilli sauce. We also notice that the beancurd skin is deep fried on the spot and placed on a separate small bowl to retain its crispiness. This is definitely something which all vegetarian eateries should learn from. We wholeheartedly give full marks to the Yong Tau Foo.

Price: Minimum $3.50 for 5 pieces
Quality: 5/5


We strongly recommend the duck rice, Kway Chup and Yong Tau Foo from Vegetarian Villas. Braised mock meat dishes is definitely Vegetarian Villas’ strong points. However the Achilles’ heel of Vegetarian Villas is its location, which certainly mean that people not living or working in Jurong district will not likely visit the restaurant. This is really a pity as the Vegetarian Villas serves plenty of good vegetarian dishes at reasonable prices.

We have provided more information on the location and operating hours of Vegetarian Villas here.

We reach Vegetarian Villas by walking from Lakeside MRT or taking the feeder service bus 335 from Jurong East MRT. The feeder service bus 335 will take about 20 minutes to reach the bus stop nearest to Vegetarian Villas.

Location: 2/5

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