Tian En Geylang Review


Many vegetarian stalls sell economical rice as part of their menu. There is nothing much to review about them as most are mediocre. Tian En Geylang differs from the sterotype by selling tasty and great value economical rice. The rice is nothing special. Rather it is the wide range of cooked ingredients the customers can choose from. You should definitely try out the mock curry mutton, honey pork, lemon chicken and curry vegetables. You will get a sumptuous economical rice meal with 3 ingredients for $3. For $1 more, you can get a bowl of soup to complete the meal!




If you are desiring for a healthier eat, the neighbouring Ci Hang provides several choices for health buff. The rice set meal comes in 3 variety: the cooked set meal of which all ingredients are cooked, the “A” meal of which all ingredients are raw and the “B” meal of which one is raw while the rest cooked. However, a healthier eat also comes at a higher price tag from $5 onwards.


What you see above is an example of the cooked set meal consisting of lightly cooked organic vegetables, yam carrot stew and burdock roll. These meals are deliberately made less flavourful for a healthier eat.


We believe that Tian En Geylang sells the best economical rice in Singapore.

We have included the location and opening hours for Tian En and Ci Hang.

Tian En and Ci Hang are a stone throw away from Aljunied MRT.

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