Soon Lee Vegetarian Review

Soon Lee Vegetarian is located in Redhill Food Centre which is a popular dining destination for residents living nearby. However, it is often overshadowed by the popular Ruyi Vegetarian. Nevertheless, Soon Lee Vegetarian is a good alternative for customers who do not want to wait in the long queue at Ruyi vegetarian or are tired of eating Ruyi economic Mee Hoon.



Vegetarian Fish Ball Noodles

The noodles and vegetables are adequately cooked. Though the mock fishball, mock char siew and beancurd are plentiful, these ingredients are already cooked and served cold. Overall, the dish is of average quality. Do take note that the chilli sauce from this stall is quite hot and spicy.

Price: $2.50
Quality: 3/5


Duck Noodles

Soon Lee Vegetarian gives very generous servings of sliced soya duck meat. Unfortunately I am not really a big fan of mock meat. The braised gravy is barely adequate and has not much taste. Overall, this is also an average dish.

Price: $3
Quality: 3/5

Kuek Chup

Soon Lee Vegetarian Kueh Chup
The Kuek Chup is surprisingly the gem of Soon Lee Vegetarian. At first glance, I am disappointed at the seemingly small serving. However, once I started eating the dish, I am pleasantly surprised at its quality. All ingredients are well cooked. The soup is thick and delicious! Overall the Kuek Chup is a very well rounded dish. My only complaint is the choice of vegetarian lean meat by the stall which has a strong synthetic taste.

Price: $3
Quality: 4.5/5


The gravy is very spicy. As you can see from the photo, there are plenty of ingredients to be found in the dish. Yet they are either not adequately cooked (resulting in their stiffness) or too raw (in the case of the bean sprouts). Overall, this is not a well balanced dish.

Price: $3
Quality: 3/5


Like we mentioned earlier on, Soon Lee Vegetarian is a good alternative to customers who are not willing to wait in the long queue for Ruyi Vegetarian. The Kuek Chup is a must try if it is available for the day.

You can find out more about the operating hours and location of Soon Lee here. There is another stall which mainly sells economic Mee Hoon in the food centre.


Redhill Food Centre is located close to the Redhill MRT. You can walk with ease to the food centre from there.

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