Simple Food Kaki Bukit Review

It is not simple to track down Simple Food nowadays. In the past year, Simple Food has closed down its Tampines and Pasir Ris branches and relocated to Bedok. At the beginning of 2014, it announced that it would merge its operations with Su Shi Piao Xiang Bedok branch. For unknown reasons, it then decided to stay put at its Bedok premises. Finally, it has recently moved to its present location at Kaki Bukit Place.


The latest location for Simple Food is at Jean Yip building which is situated in the centre of Kaki Bukit industrial estate. The seating capacity of Simple Food has steadily dropped with each move. There are now about 7 small and 2 big tables which are just enough for family gatherings. Nevertheless I find the current location more cosy than its previous Bedok premises.

Throughout these moves, Simple Food is clearly balancing between location and customer flow. With its location at Kaki Bukit, Simple Food is confident that its good food will draw customers from over Singapore. When I was patronising the restuarant during the lunchtime of a recent public holiday, half of the tables were occupied. This is certainly a good sign as the strategy of Simple Food has paid off.

Mexican Roasted Steak


First of all, we advise that you take up the set meal package if you intend to order any Western or Italian meal. For $2 more, you will get a thick delicious mushroom soup and drink which is value for the money. We highly recommend the Mexican Roasted Steak as it has no peer in its league. The Mexican roasted steak has a chewy texture which is further enhanced with the melted cheese on top. After eating the steak from Simple Food, I really wonder how no one else has imitated this style at all.

Price: $10.50 (Set Meal), $8.50 (Stand Alone)
Quality: 5/5

Fish and Chip


The fish cutlet has an interesting taste which is similar to the combined taste of butter and seaweed. Yes we know that it is a weird analogy. But we cannot get a straight answer from the waitress. Nevertheless the cutlet is really crispy and great.

Price: $10.50 (Set Meal), $8.50 (Stand Alone)
Quality: 4/5

Baked Curry Rendang Rice


We are really disappointed with the baked rice. Curry Rendang is supposed to be very spicy but there is almost no taste in the baked rice at all. The baked rice tastes like it has been frozen in the fridge for too long and then microwaved at the time of order. Also, we could not find much ingredients in the baked rice.

Price: $10.50 (Set Meal), $7 (Stand Alone)
Quality: 2/5

Creamy Cheese Chicken Spaghetti

Simple Food Bedok Creamy Cheese Chicken
We like the melted cheese gravy. The noodles are firm and springy. However, the mock chicken meat is stiff and tastes out of place with the dish though the cauliflowers are adequately cooked. Overall, the spaghetti is just only above average.

Price: $10.50 (Set Meal), $6.80 (Stand Alone)
Quality: 3.5/5


We can confidently say that Simple Food is still the undisputed king of vegetarian Western food in Singapore. Hence we encourage you to support Simple Food at its new premises. Simple Food also serves a variety of Chinese dishes. Just skip the baked rices :)

As mentioned earlier in the article. Simple Food is now located at the heart of Kaki Bukit industrial estate. The nearest MRT station will be McPherson MRT along the circle line and Eunos MRT along the East-West line. It will be easier to take a taxi from either of the MRT station, especially if you do not live in the Eastern part of Singapore.

Location: 1/5

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