Name: Roma’s Deli
Status: Open
Address: 100 Beach Road, Shaw Towers #01-23, Singapore 189702
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 9pm (Unconfirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: 62934585
Email: Not Available
Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

There are essentially two kinds of vegetarian eateries in Singapore: the generalist which cooks and sells everything under the sun and the specialist which served a niche food segment. Long before Xuan Miao (at Paya Lebar Square), Bespoken (at Sunshine Plaza) and Simple Food (at Eunos), Roma Deli is the pioneer in serving a niche vegetarian food segment (which is Italian food).

Roma Deli has been operating at Shaw Tower for over 10 years. Over the years, many vegetarian eateries in downtown city have either closed down or moved out. Its continuous presence at Shaw Tower spoke volumes of its popularity.


The cafe portrays itself as a lifestyle eatery, which serves vegetarian food. Roma Deli has several tables for big groups, and 2 tables for couples. It has good ambiance and lightings though some friends complain about its loud music.

Bacon Bolognes

We recommended our readers to order the set meal as it comes with mushroom soup and a drink. The mushroom soup is thick and delicious. However, for the Bacon Bolognes, we find the gravy watery and bland. The ingredients taste like they are added as an afterthought.

Price: $11 (Set Meal)
Quality: 3/5

Hot and spicy pizza


It turns out that the pizza is not spicy at all. It tastes slightly salty probably due to the cheese. Lastly, the ingredients are really pitiful and the crust too thick. This is a real disappointment.

Price: $11 (Set Meal)
Quality: 2/5

Curry Potato Baked Rice

After the gloomy review of the first two dishes, we really do not harbour much hope for the baked rice. It surprisingly turns out great. The potatoes were soft and slightly spicy. The soft melted cheese is excellent. Something finally turns out right!

Price: $11 (Set Meal)
Quality: 4/5


We recommend the baked rice from Roma Deli. As for pizzas, you cannot go wrong with Hawailian. Avoid the spaghetti at all costs.

Roma Deli is located close to the Bugis MRT. We walk from the MRT to the restaurant.