Real Hut Review

We always greet a new vegetarian eatery with delight and skepticism. Delight because we have one more place to dine. Skepticism because we do not know how long the eatery will last.

Real Hut opens several months ago at Sim Drive. It is far away from the cluster of established vegetarian eateries near Aljunied MRT. There is no vegetarian eateries in the nearby food centre. Hence it is easy to understand why Real Hut chooses its current location.


We like the cosy and intimate ambiance of Real Hut. The menu is lovingly written in chalk. However, there are only 6 tables in the eatery. If you plan to visit the eatery with a big group, we recommend that you call ahead for reservation.


Xiang Chun Noodles

We like the springy noodles with a light touch of Xiang Chun. However, the cabbage soup tastes bland.

Price: $8.90
Quality: 3/5

Kimchi Noodles

The noodles come with three big pieces of beancurd, sprinklings of sliced carrots and seaweeds. The kimchi soup is just acceptable. We find the dish average.

Price: $8.90 with egg $0.80 more
Quality: 3/5

Kimchi Rice

The fried rice looks similar to the noodles. The only plus point is the use of pearl rice. The dish tastes un-inspiringly bland, with the kimchi not properly made.

Price: $8.90
Quality: 2/5


We are disappointed with the dish. The cheese and mushroom fillings are too little and thin. Also, the vegetables do not have any dressings at all.

Price: 3 pieces for $6.90, 6 pieces for $12.90
Quality: 2/5


The dishes are pricey and not great. Real Hut still has a long way to go before it can wrestle customers from the established restaurants on the other side of the Aljunied MRT.

You can find out about the location and operating hours of Real Hut online.

We walk from Aljunied MRT to the restaurant.


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