What is Next for Little Green Wok?

We will be talking about the next phase of developments for Little Green Wok today.


First things first, we will be gradually adding categories and tags to all eateries. This will allow you to quickly find eateries serving food of your interests in the desired area quickly. Currently, categories will group eateries based on their locations while tags will focus on the food eg zi char, prata, chicken rice etc. We will also be optimising our website content for search engines. It will be a pity that we have a great website and no one in the whole wide world knows about us, other than my wife and me.

Secondly, we will be getting our hands and feet dirty literally by writing mini reviews on hawker stall food. This will usually consist of dishes we order from the stalls. We will grade the food on its quality, value and location of the eatery. After we become more experienced with food reviews, we will move on to restaurants which we will also grade on the ambience. We will also like to talk about our experiences on traveling overseas as vegetarians. This particular topic is something close to our hearts which we will like to share.

Finally, we will be working on how to enable you readers to search for vegetarian eateries using an online geographical map powered by Google maps or Singapore Government OneMap. This will take a while to implement as we got to figure out all the geeky codes behind the scenes.

Well, we still have full time jobs and can only update Little Green Wok in our spare times so all these items will keep us pretty occupied till the rest of the year.

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