Onn Vegetarian Review

Onn Vegetarian was a typical coffee-shop stall setup, which sold a variety of traditional Chinese noodles and rice dishes. It had a fixed daily menu set, but what kept me excited about Onn was the unique dishes Onn cooked up for the day. I could come on any Monday and find dishes which were different from the week before. Whenever I decided to make a trip to Onn Vegetarian, my thought was always “What is Onn cooking up today?” The owners of Onn were very friendly and would usually chat with me before returning to the stall to prepare the next order. Through these conversations, the owners revealed that the dishes of the day depended on the ingredients they could get their hands on. Also, Monday was always a good day to visit the stall as they had more time to prepare the ingredients over the weekend.


Penang Assam Laksa


I had the good fortune of eating the Penang Assam Laksa from Onn. It was not always available on Monday, as it depended on the owners getting the right ingredients. From the moment the Laksa was served, I knew that it would be great. The serving was much bigger than that from New Green Pasture Cafe with generous helping of mock fish, peppermint and pineapple. The soup was authentically sour and spicy. After finishing the laksa, there was this feeling of satisfaction welling up in my chest.

Price: $4
Quality: 5/5

Vegetarian Shark Fins Soup


At first, I was apprehensive about ordering this dish. It looked like a good side dish but certainly not something you will only fill up your stomach during lunch. It is quite pricey at $5.50 for a single serving. For twice the price at $12, you can get more from a restaurant.
I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of ingredients in the soup. There were sliced abalone mushroom, sliced mock meat, mock prawn, monkey mushroom and stock mushroom. It was quite starchy at first, but this prevented the soup from becoming watery in the end. Also, the soup was flavourful without being salty.

Price: $5.50 (without rice)/ $6.50 (with rice)
Quality: 4/5


The laksa was of average quality. The gravy was slightly watery and has too much coconut milk.

Price: $4
Quality: 3.5/5

Roasted Meat Rice

The texture of the mock meat was similar to mock fishball. The chili was good. Otherwise there was nothing inspiring about the dish.

Price: $4.50
Quality: 3.5/5


We strongly recommended the vegetarian Penang Assam Laksa and shark fins soup. Onn constantly changed its menu, so you might not see the same dish on the same day of the week. Just come to Onn and let them give you a pleasant surprise ;)

We walked to Onn from Kallang MRT.

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