New Green Pasture Cafe Review


New Green Pasture Cafe is a treasure trove of unique and interesting vegetarian food at Fortune Centre. Located at Level 4, it is far away from the bustle and hustle of the lower levels. Hence you will get to enjoy a cosy, quiet and relaxing environment. Things are not cheap at the cafe. But if you are sick of the usual vegetarian fare and not concerned about price, this is the place you should come and taste some great vegetarian cuisine.


What makes the Penang Laksa from the cafe so good is the authentic spicy and sourly-sweet soup. It is really spicy and not for the faint hearted. Of course it also comes with the usual sliced cucumber, pineapple, peppermint and sliced mock fish (which is odd considering that the cafe brands itself an organic eatery)

Quality: 4/5
Price: $7


The first thing you will notice when the Sri Lanka roll arrives is the sleek arrangement of the cut rolls on the long rectangular plate. When you bite into each roll, you will find mashed mock mutton, curry powder and potato. The roll is crispy and holds the fillings very well. Surprisingly it is not as spicy as it looks.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $7


The Sushi from New Green Paste is unique in that it does not use rice as the base ingredient. Yes you heard me. There is no rice at all. The cafe replaced the rice with radish which is a bold and innovative move. The result is that the sushi tasted fresh, crunchy (weird as it sounds when it comes to Sushi) and sour (due to the beet root inside). If you are sick of the traditional sushi, you should do yourself a flavour by tasting Nature’s take on its sushi.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $6.50


The Bibimbap or Korean Claypot rice comes with many ingredients such as long bean, carrot, radish, tofu, yam, tapioca, seaweed, mock fish and chilli sauce. Surprisingly, they all blend very well together with the brown rice. The dish is served hot and evenly cooked. The only complaint we have is that the portion seem to be getting lesser each time we eat it.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $9.50


We strongly recommend the above dishes from New Green Pasture Cafe at Fortune Centre.

Fortune Centre is located about 2 bus stop distance away from the nearby Bugis MRT. The quickest way is to walk to the cafe from Bugis MRT.

Location : 3/5

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