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A week ago, Little Green Wok launched a new look and design!

Little Green Wok was first launched in late Dec 2012. As explained earlier in my first post, I decided to come up with an online vegetarian food directory to address the lack of a consolidated source of information on vegetarian food in Singapore. I upgraded my website development skills specifically PHP, CSS3 and responsive web design. In layman terms, responsive web design meant designing a website which can adapt to the screen size of any electronic device (including smartphones and tablets).


As you can see above, the old website was pretty basic and served primarily to deliver essential information (such as address and opening hours) to our readers. Since its inception, my wife and I have added 50 more eateries to the directory and done some minor enhancements along the way.

During these four months, the majority of feedback from my wife and readers alike focused on the inability of the old website to gather comments from the readers on specific eatery. Hence I begun to work on this version of Little Green Wok focused on enabling our readers to leave comments at their favorite eatery. At the same time, I took the opportunity to make the website more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.

With the new design, you are able to view different types of vegetarian outlets in the Directory section – restaurants, hawker stalls, bakeries as well as vegetarian food grocers. We also added a new blog section to bring you food reviews on a regular basis. Do look out for it!

If you know of any vegetarian stalls that are not listed on our website, please inform us of its details through the recommend form and we will put it up on the directory promptly. There are not many vegetarians on this little red dot which we call home so it is important that vegetarians like you and me shared useful information on vegetarianism so as to grow stronger as a community.

As always, if you have any feedback for us, you can contact us via the feedback form or leave us some thoughts in the comments section below.

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