Name: Nature Cafe@Kallang Avenue
Status: Open
Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, The Aperia #01-28, Singapore 339511
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm.(Confirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: 67023962
Email: Not Available
Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

The vegetarian scene at Lavender has been exciting in recent years. YWQ restaurant opened at CT Hub in 2013. Two more eateries opened in late 2014. We reviewed Eastern vegetarian last month. We would focus on Cafe Nature today.


Cafe Nature opened its third branch in the Aperia shopping mall next to the huge Tai Pei Buddhist Centre. Its proximity to the Buddhist Centre meant that the restaurant was always full during lunch and dinner. However, due to the crowd and its small size, the restaurant became very noisy. We certainly preferred the quiet cozy ambiance during the non-peak period.



The menu was similar to its other two branches, so we were featuring dishes which are not in the Jurong branch review.

Hot plate Sambal Fish with Rice

We found Sambal sauce watery and not spicy. There were plenty of rice, but insufficient portion of Sambal mock fish. Moreover, the dish was expensive. We recommended that you gave this dish a miss.

Price: $7.80
Quality: 3/5

Black Pepper Steak Burger

The dish came with oily fries. Some were not cooked properly. We also wished that the mock meat patty could be bigger. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the burger with its thick bun and great BBQ sauce.

Price: $9.50
Quality: 3.5/5

Hawailian Pizza

We liked the thick cheese in the pizza. However, there were only some diced vegetables. Also, this Hawailian Pizza did not have any sliced pineapple. We wondered why the pizza was named Hawailian in the first place. We would not recommend the pizza.

Price: $7.50
Quality: 3/5

Waffles with Ice cream and Fruits/Almond Nuts

Vegetarian restaurants rarely served waffles. We just have to try it. We absolutely loved the waffle and its presentation! We recommended that you ordered the waffle with your main course. You should then alert the kitchen to prepare the waffle halfway through your meal, as the kitchen took a while to serve the waffle.

Price: $5.50
Quality: 4/5

Hot Plate Burdock Steak Set

We loved the texture of the Burdock steak. As the Western meal was served on a hotplate, the spaghetti and vegetables dry quickly due to the heat. This dish would be interesting if you are tired of the usual western meal.

Price: $12.50
Quality: 4/5

Abalone peanut Porridge

The porridge was surprisingly good. It was well cooked and tested smooth. We always lamented a lack of good vegetarian porridge in Singapore.

Price: $5.50
Quality: 4.5/5


Cafe Nature Kallang had a location advantage over YWQ restaurant, its biggest competitor in the vicinity. It was located close to Tai Pei mediation centre and Lavander MRT. People looking for a quiet dining time should avoid the lunch and dinner crowd. The small space and large crowd transformed the restaurant into a marketplace during meal times. The restaurant offered a staggering array of Western and Chinese dishes which should satisfy old and young family members. The dishes were generally more expensive, but well worth it for the ambience and convenience from Lavender MRT.

The operating hours and location of Cafe Nature Kallang can be found here.

We walked to Cafe Nature Kallang from Lavender MRT.

Location: 5/5