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Dear all, Little Green Wok has mapped out all our eateries information onto Google Map Engine Lite! You can now go the Locate page to view the map. This will be a fun and interactive way for you readers to discover vegetarian eateries near your current location.

However, the Google Map Engine Lite is still in Beta so it will be a while before all features are in place. As you can see from the webpage, we still cannot turn off the information panel. Also, the tablet and smartphone version of the Google Map is not live yet. If you view the map on your tablet and smartphone now, the big ugly information panel will block most of the view.

Hence, we recommend that you follow this link to view the location information of all vegetarian bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants full screen on a desktop web browser.

Location Location Location
Let us explain the legend to you. With reference to the screenshot, an orange circle represents a bakery or grocery store. An inverted tear-drop represents a hawker stall while a star represents a restaurant. If the colour of the symbol is in red, it means that the outlet has closed down at the moment.

We will now leave you to explore the map. We hope that it will be useful to you. Thank You.

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