Ji Xiang Vegetarian Review

If you are a vegetarian who lives or works in the Western part of Singapore, you will know that Eight Immortals vegetarian branches dominates the vegetarian food scene in Tuas, Jurong East, Jurong West and even Yew Tee. There is nothing to write much about Eight Immortals eateries as they typically sell economic rice and Yong Tau Foo. A friend who lives in Boon Lay recently mention that her family frequently patronises Ji Xiang and Hong Yi vegetarian in the Jurong West district. Today we will go to Ji Xiang Vegetarian for review.


Ji Xiang opens from 7am to 2pm in the morning and 5pm to 9pm in the evening. The eatery closes its operations every Monday and Tuesday unless it falls on public holiday or coincides with fortnightly lunar first or fifteenth. Though Greenzilla is located in the same coffee shop, its business does not seem to be affected by its business rival.

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice

The heart of this dish is the vegetarian sweet and sour meat which are stiff and covered in too much flour. The sweet and sour gravy is adequately cooked but nothing fantastic to talk about. Ji Xiang Vegetarian is generous with the rice serving. In the end, we just find the dish average.
Price: $4
Quality: 3/5

Chicken rice

The rice serving is as big as that of the sweet and sour pork rice. Beyond that, there are nothing much to talk about the vegetarian chicken and duck as Ji Xiang just fried and sprinkled them with sweet soy sauce.

Price: $2.50
Quality: 3/5

Char Siew Rice

Though the mock char siew is sprinkled with honey, it does not hide the fact that they taste stiff as they are excessively deep fried. We only find this dish average.

Price: $2.50
Quality: 3/5

Salted Fish Fried Rice (咸鱼炒饭)

The vegetarian salted fish comes in the form of slightly salty fried beancurd rolls. The fried rice is adequately cooked but we wish that the fried rice can be more flavourful.

Price: $4
Quality: 3/5

Mixed Vegetables Rice

The dish looks very similar to Miu Fan (Rice in Hor Fun gravy). Though the gravy is cooked on the spot, the vegetables still taste stiff and not adequately cooked. Also the gravy is really bland. This dish is a real disappointment!

Price: $4
Quality: 2/5

Curry Mee


The curry gravy is thick and has a well balanced spicy flavour. We also love the well cooked noodles and potatoes. This is absolutely the best dish we have eaten from JI Xiang Vegetarian.

Price: $2.50
Qaulity: 4/5


Ji Xiang Vegetarian delivers slightly above average food at very reasonable price hence it is popular among the Jurong East residents.

You can find out about the location and operating hours of Ji Xiang Vegetarian here.

The nearest transport hubs to Ji Xiang Vegetarian are Jurong East and Chinese Gardens MRT. You can either take a feeder bus service from Jurong East bus interchange or walk from Chinese Gardens MRT. It is located at the end of L-Shaped Block 221A.

Location: 3/5

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