Hong Yi Jurong West Review

We have always wondered what will happen when we overdose on mock meat. We finally have the opportunity to find out after visiting Hong Yi Jurong West. Though Hong Yi Jurong West sells other staple dishes such as Kueh Chup, you can clearly see that the eatery specialises in dishes with mock meat after one glance at the massive menu billboard beneath the stall name.


Vegetarian Roasted Meat Rice

The ginger rice is well cooked but dry. The mock meat is already deep fried and sliced in thin pieces. We find the chilli and gravy great.

Price: $3
Quality: 3.5/5

Kueh Chup

The soup in the Kueh Chup is mildly flavoured. Though the noodles and ingredients are well cooked, we find the dish of average quality.

Price: $2.50
Quality: 3/5

Black Pepper Soy Chop Rice

This dish is familiar to the vegetarian roasted meat rice, except that the mock meat is the mock soya patty frequently used in vegetarian western meals. While the texture of the mock patty is softer than that of the vegetarian roasted meat, the dish only earns average marks for quality.

Price: $3
Quality: 3/5

Chicken Chop Rice

We now see a pattern for the mock meat dishes from Hong Yi Jurong West. The mock meat patty is the same as that of the black pepper soy chop rice. The rice is sprinkled with sweet soy sauce similar to the roasted meat rice. The dish used to have baked beans which makes the dish taste better as the deep fried patty and rice are too dry on their own. Without the baked beans, the dish is nothing remarkable.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 3/5

Curry Fish

At night, Hong Yi Jurong West transforms into a Zi Char stall. Among the various Zi Char dishes, the curry fish is one of my favourite dishes. The Assam style gravy comes with lot of chilli oil and curry powder. The mock fish is cooked so soft that it breaks easily when picked up by chopsticks. The dish also comes with potatoes which is not usually part of Assam gravy. The dish is quite spicy and tastes good.

Price: $6
Quality: 3.5/5


Hong Yi Jurong West certainly uses lot of mock meat in its dishes. Most mock meat dishes taste great at the first bite.  But we gradually grow tired of the taste of mock meat. Thus, most of the dishes are of average quality.

You can find out more about the operating hours and location of Hong Yi Jurong West here.

You can take Bus 98 and 187 from the bus stop opposite Lakeside MRT to reach Hong Yi Jurong West.

Location: 1.5/5

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