Name: Henry Vegetarian
Status: Permanently Closed
Address: Block 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-22, Singapore 380005
Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 9pm (Confirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: Not Available
Email: Not Available
Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

We have never heard of Chef Henry. Yet three readers alerted us of his new stall near Kallang MRT before, during and after its opening. We just had to go down to Henry Vegetarian to sample what he was offering.


Vegetarian Prawn Noodles

This was not your usual vegetarian Prawn noodles. When the chef served the dish, we thought that the wrong dish was served! There was no vegetarian prawn to be found in the dish. In its place, we found braised Tofu (similar to those in Yong Tau Foo) and monkey head mushroom. The noodle sauce also had an unique herbal taste. We quite liked Chef Henry’s reinvention of the dish.

Price: $4
Quality: 4/5

HK Style Braised Noodles

It seemed that Chef Henry was fond of monkey head mushroom. It was the main ingredient in all his noodle dishes. Somehow the braised sauce made the noodles sticky. Hence it was not as good as the Prawn Noodle or Long Bean Cai Po Mee Pok.

Price: $4
Quality: 3/5

Long Bean Cai Po Mee Pok with Monkey Head Mushroom

This dish had a very fancy name. The main ingredients were diced long beans and of course the chef’s favourite monkey head mushroom. The noodle sauce had a strong vinegar taste, which reminded us of minced meat noodle. The Chef cleverly used the diced the long beans and vegetables to create a crispy texture, which we liked. We thought this was the best noodle dish from Henry.

Price: $4
Quality: 4.5/5

Hainanese Curry Rice

This dish had so many different ingredients that we thought it was economic rice. There were deep fried sliced vegetarian steak doused in generous curry sauce, spicy fried eggplant and cabbage cooked in Chinese style. On top of all these, the Chef placed some BBQ sauce on the vegetarian steak. The result was a riot of flavours, just like a plate of economic rice. We liked the curry sauce, but the entire dish had too many flavours confusing our tastebuds.

Price: $5
Quality: 3.5/5

Sizzling Steak with Tomato Mushroom Sauce

We loved the tenderness of the vegetarian steak, which had the mushroom sauce on top and tomato sauce beneath. We thought that this was the best western meal dish from Henry.

Price: $10
Quality: 4.5/5

British Vegetarian Fish and Chips

We liked the salad sauce. Other than that, there was nothing special to distinguish the western set meal from the competition.

Price: $8
Quality: 3/5


We liked Chef Henry’s creative take on local dishes. Though they were more expensive, we wholeheartedly recommended Henry Vegetarian to our readers. Our favourite dishes were the Long Bean Cai Po Mee Pok and Sizzling Steak with Tomato Mushroom Sauce. With Henry Vegetarian, the Kallang vegetarian scene had certainly become more exciting. We hoped Chef Henry could continue to innovate and delight his customers.

We walked to Henry Vegetarian from Kallang MRT.