Greenzilla Singapore Review

Every vegetarian family will face this dilemma when dining out. The children want to eat western style burgers as they do not like traditional Chinese food. Yet, the parents are concerned about the nutritional value of eating these junk foods. We think that Greenzilla can possibly ease the parents’ worries. Greenzilla self-makes and bakes the patties. Fresh lettuces are also sandwiched between the burger bun and patty. Lastly, all burgers come with a small delicious bowl of Coleshaw consisting of shredded raw cabbage dressed with mayonnaise.

The Buona Vista branch at the basement of the Star Vista is a small shop unit which can only sit about 4 to 5 persons at any one time. Whereas the Jurong East branch is located in a coffee shop at Block 221A Jurong East.

Buona Vista


Jurong East



Royal Mushroom Burger


We like the soft tender texture of the patty. The patty is made from gluten but rather mashed monkey mushroom and enokitake.

Price: $5.90
Quality: 4/5


Spices Underground Burger


We are impressed that the burger can be eaten on its own without chilli or tomato sauce. The name is a bit deceptive. One will expect a spicy tasting burger. The sauce tastes more like sourly sweet Hawaiian. The presence of sliced pineapple proves our point.

Price: $5.90
Quality: 4/5

Fusion Burger


We think that the patty is based on braised Tofu. It at the very least tastes like one. Also, the charcoal bun, as nutritious as it claims by Greenzilla, does not really taste anything special. The taste does not agree with us so the burger earns an average rating.

Price: $5.90
Quality: 3/5

Herbshrooms Burger


The patty has more mushroom than the rest, resulting in a slightly bitter and charred taste. The texture is also more rough. We do not find the burger fantastic.

Price: $5.90
Quality: 3/5

Veggie Pizza

The pizza is typical Hawaiian style with typical pineapple and mock ham. We find the flat beard thick and cheese spread thinly. But the price is cheap.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 3/5

Sweet Potato/Pumpkin Pops


Greenzilla does not sell French Fries. Instead, it sells sweet potato and pumpkin pops (or balls). The pops are softer and sweeter than potato French Fries. Though they are not as crispy as French Fries, they still taste good and greatly complement the main dishes.

Price: $2.90
Quality: 4/5

Egg Mayo Wholemeal Sandwich

Though the sandwich is served warm and adequately prepared with loads of mayonnaise and egg goodness, we do not find anything extra-ordinary. It is weird that the pops are more expensive than the sandwich.

Price: $2.20
Quality: 3/5


We think that Greenzilla has some great burgers and side-dishes. Even Godzilla will approve of our recommendation. The Jurong East branch has an added advantage that it is besides Ji Xiang vegetarian.

Buona Vista Branch

Star Vista is located next to Bouna Vista MRT so you can just walk to the shopping mall.

Location: 5/5

Jurong East Branch

The nearest transport hubs to Ji Xiang Vegetarian are Jurong East and Chinese Gardens MRT. You can either take a feeder bus service from Jurong East bus interchange or walk from Chinese Gardens MRT. It is located at the end of L-Shaped Block 221A.

Location: 3/5

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