Ginga Taman Jurong Review

Ginga has been operating in Bedok North for many years. It relocates to Taman Jurong Food Centre several months ago. The stall proudly displays an award proclaiming that it is one of the top ten best vegetarian food eateries in Singapore. This prompts us to investigate whether Ginga lives up to its award.


Kueh Chup

The soup has a strong herbal taste. For $2.50, we get plenty of ingredients like the mock pig intestines and beancurd. The Kway Chup is quite good.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $2.50

Mee Siam

The Mee Siam is barely above average with its slightly spicy gravy.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $2.50



The heart of the Laksa dish is its gravy. In Ginga case, we like the delightfully spicy gravy. The ingredients are well cooked though nothing special to write about.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $2.50


Ginga delivers good vegetarian food at economic prices. We advise that you arrive before lunch time as the stall runs out of food early.

If Ginga is closed for the day, there are two more vegetarian stalls on the third floor of the food centre. However, they, like Ginga, only open till lunchtime.



You can find out about the location and operating hours of Ginga online. If Ginga closes for the day, there are two more vegetarian stalls (Poh Meng and Fo Shou) at the Taman Jurong food centre which mainly sells vegetarian Mee Hoon.

We reach Taman Jurong food centre by boarding Bus 240 or 246 at the bus stop opposite Lakeside MRT.

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