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Our reader, Doris, has again provided the information for the eateries in this week’s review. We thank her for her continuing support. We set up this website precisely for vegetarians in Singapore to share information about new eateries and closure of existing ones. We hope that more readers will provide us with such information in the future.

Eastern Vegetarian has two branches: French Road (near Lavender MRT) and Newton Road (in IRAS Revenue House). The French Road branch is a typical food stall in a coffee-shop, while the Newton Road branch in a cafeteria.



Eastern Vegetarian fills in a niche for cheap vegetarian food in the Lavender and Novena districts. Before Eastern Vegetarian, only the YWQ restaurant and recently opened Cafe Nature serve the Lavender district. However, the dishes from both restaurants are expensive. Vegetarians working and living in the district would have to go to Boon Keng or Kallang for more affordable eats. We observed the same situation in the Novena district, which is served by Ling Zhi vegetarian restaurant. The Ling Zhi dishes are even more expensive. There is a Eight Immortal vegetarian stall in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, but it is located too far in for walk-in customers.

Both stalls serve the usual economical vegetarian Mee Hoon and noodles in the morning. The Newton branch serves some Zi Char dishes (such as Hor Fun) from 11am onwards. The French Road branch does not serve Zi Char dishes, but sell Noodle and Xiang Chun rice set meal from 4pm onwards. We investigate whether the two set meals are worth getting to the French Road branch.


Vegetarian Noodles Set (Available only at French Road branch from 4pm onwards)


The dish takes a while to arrive. Yet the noodles are stiff. The seasoning for the noodles is okay, but nothing fantastic to write about. The soup tastes better, with plenty of ingredients like maize corn and vegetables. The home-made dumplings tastes quite good with firm skin and ample fillings (mainly mock pork and cabbage). We can also order a set of 5 dumplings at $3.50.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 3.5/5

Xiang Chun Rice Set (Available only at French Road branch from 4pm onwards)



We found better value in the rice set. Initially, we misunderstand the Xiang Chun rice is stir-fried in the style of fried rice. There was not much Xiang Chun taste. It seem that the stall cooks the Xiang Chun rice using rice cooker (like yam rice), which means that it has stayed in the rice cooker for a while and lost the Xiang Chun taste. However, the menu did state that it is a rice set, and not fried rice. In the end, we enjoy the mildly flavoured rice, as the fried rice version tend to be salty anyway.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 3.5/5


We applaud Eastern Vegetarian setting up shop along French Road and in Revenue House. If you are a dumpling fan, you should drop by the French Road branch for some great fried dumplings.

The French Road branch is a short walk from Lavender MRT. The Newton Road branch is located in Level 2 Cafeteria of IRAS Revenue House. Upon entering the lobby, we take the elevator to Level 2 and walk towards the cafeteria.

Lastly, we wish our readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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