Name: Divine Realm Vegetarian 天运素食园
Status: Open
Address: 501 Hougang Avenue 8, #01-630, Singapore 530501
Opening Hours: Daily 7.30am – 9.30pm (Confirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: 63872058
Email: Not Available
Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant was at Imminent Plaza many years ago and offered steamboat buffet like Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant now. Many vegetarians were saddened by its move to Hougang, and change of business model to a mid-tier non air-conditioned restaurant. Yet one positive aspect of this transition is that the restaurant can now offer restaurant quality food at a cheaper price. The restaurant has a capacity of about 10 tables at its premises. We advise that you reserve your table in advance for a big group.


Minced Meat Ramen (炸酱面)

It is easy to guess that Ramen is a signature dish of the restaurant. There are so many different Ramen that they occupy two full pages in the menu. Despite the variety of choices, we stick with the traditional minced meat Ramen to determine how it fares against the others we have eaten before. We love the QQ texture of the noodles. The soybean paste is only slightly salty with generous portion of minced beancurd rolls.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $4.50

Xiao Long Bao

One bite into the Xiao Long Bao reveals the ample ingredients and overflowing sauce within. They include diced vegetables, carrots and jelly ear (黑木耳). This combination of ingredients leaves us a tasty and refreshing feeling in our tastebuds. This is a must-order!

Quality: 5/5
Price: $4

Roti John

Roti John is a rare side-dish in local vegetarian eateries. We jump at this opportunity to sample the local snack. Traditionally Roti John is an omelet sandwich with minced meat, sardines and chopped onions best eaten with chilli sauce. Divine Realm grills the tradition Kopi Tiam white bread crispy and tops them with spices, It also comes with a big bowl of mock chicken curry for you to drip your breads. The curry is simply excellent with tender potatos and mock stock mushroom chicken.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $4

Fried Dumplings

We have a weakness for the fried dumplings. Though they are commonly available in many vegetarian eateries, not many get it right. We are happy to say that Divine Realm has gotten it right. The fillings made from minced vegetables and beancurds are wrapped in thin dough skins before being deep fried with all its oily goodness.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $4

Kai Lan

Kai Lan is a staple dish in any vegetarian restaurant ala cart menu. At this price, Zi Char stalls will just present you with a plate of lightly cooked Kai Lan. Divine Realms upped the competition by providing a generous portion of mushrooms on top of a plate of fresh Kai Lan. Also, the thick vegetarian oyster sauce gravy is great with rice.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $6

Ginger Slices Monkey Mushroom

This dish is not as flavourful as we like it to be. The soy sauce gravy totally overwhelmed the sliced ginger. At least the monkey mushroom are cooked adequately tender.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $9


Divine Realm offers an excellent range of vegetarian food which will satisfy the most picky tastebuds. We recommend the Ramen with Roti John and Xiao Long Bao for first-timers. The location is not the most ideal, but this should not deter vegetarian foodies to patronise this place for its excellent food.

We take either Bus 72 or 101 from the bus stop outside Hougang bus interchange to reach Divine Realm.

Location: 1.5/5