Circuit Road Vegetarian Food

If the Bendeemer Food Centre is the Yang of vegetarian food in the East, we will consider the Circuit Road Food Centre as the Yin. As reported earlier on, most of the hawker stalls in Bendeemer Food Centre will close off after lunch. The Circuit Food Centre is just the opposite. Almost all of its vegetarian hawker stores open from late afternoon onwards. With the stalls operating till late evening, you can literally consider the food centre as a vegetarian food “night market.” There are altogether a whooping 8 vegetarian hawker stalls selling a variety of vegetarian food to satisfy the most demanding vegetarians! If you do not want to waste your time queuing for more popular stalls, you should arrive and start ordering your food from 5.30pm to 6.30pm before the dinner crowd arrives.

1. Choo Zai Zhai Vegetarian 自在斋素食 (Review)


2. Meng Heng Vegetarian 民兴素食 (Review)


3. Tang Leng Chay Vegetarian Food 东龙斋素食 (Review)


4. Vegetarian 荷花素食


5. Victor Veggie 味特素食(素食酿豆腐) (Review)


6. Victor’s Vegetarian Food 味特素食 (Review)


7. Xuan Miao Vegetarian 炫妙素斋 (Review)


8. iVege (Review)


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