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Ci Hang Vegetarian is one of the oldest restaurant operator in Gelyang. Ci Hang has recently completed its renovation early this year. As a result, the premises are slightly more spacious. The interiors of the restaurant is still no-frills though. Nevertheless, with its clean layout, you can find customers lingering at the restaurant for chit-chat after finishing their meals. Ci Hang also has a grocery section which sells finger food, instant noodles and organic vegetables. The peak hours tend be lunch time from 12pm to 1pm and dinner time from 6pm to 7pm.


Vegetarian Chicken Rice


There are many mediocre chicken rice. And then there is Ci Hang Vegetarian chicken rice. At Ci Hang Vegetarian, you will find one of the finest vegetarian Chicken Rice in Singapore. The mock vegetarian chicken meat is made by the restaurant and cannot be found elsewhere. The texture is just right and does not taste rubbery as the usual ice cream stick chicken. At the same time it does not taste so real that you will have second thoughts on whether it is actually the real deal. The chilli sauce deserves special mention. Its spiciness is just right. Moreover, the ginger rice is soft. We recommend that you add in some sweet soy sauce for an even better gastronomy experience.

Quality: 5/5
Price: $4.50


Curry Fish Rice


The Curry Fish is prepared Assam style which is slightly sour yet surprisingly not spicy. Inside the curry, you will find fried mock fish, fried eggplant and ladyfingers. On the other hand, we find the the mock fish too thick and stiff.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $6.50


Mashed Potato


The mashed potato from Ci Hang will be the best you would have eaten anywhere in Singapore. One may be forgiven for mistaking the mashed potato for ice-cream as it simply melted in your mouth. It is that good.

Quality: 5/5

Price: $2.00



The noodles of the spaghetti from Ci Hang is rather stiff and do not have the al dente texture. The gravy taste slightly plain with a tingle of mock sardine. You can also find sliced mushroom and cabbage in the spaghetti.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $6.50


Chay Kway Teow

The noodles of Chay Kway Teow has a stiff texture and tastes rubbery. The ingredients are mainly bean sprouts and sliced ham. The dish has a strong mushroom smell probably to the mock mushroom meat. It does not have any wok taste as it is likely not being stir fried with oil.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $4



The burger from Ci hang is a simple affair. Within the burger bun, you will find a deep fried mock ham platter, sliced tomato and sliced cucumber with some mayonnaise. The burger will taste better if Ci Hang throws in some lettuce.

Quality: 3/5
Price: $3


Braised Chicken

The Braised Chicken is essentially mock ham slices deep fried with flour. Instead of using BBQ sauce, Ci Hang pours cream of mushroom gravy over the braised chicken slice giving them a buttery taste. Ci Hang also replaces the traditional french fries with mashed potatoes which go well with the Alfalfa. Overall, I love the synergy among the ingredients which makes for a nice tasting dish.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $9


Fish Chop

I love the texture of the mock fish patter. Ci Hang probably makes it themselves (just like the mock chicken). Interestingly it does not try hard to be “real” thing. It is deep fried crispy on the outside while retaining a soft texture inside. This will be very difficult to achieve if you use the usual mock fish. If you deep fry the usual mock fish, it will just be stiff both on the outside and inside. The only downside is that the vegetables do not come with any salad sauce.

Quality: 4.5/5
Price: $8


Nasi Brayani

Nasi Brayani is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. While the dish looks promising at first glance, one word summarise my assessment which is just plain. The curry gravy being the most important component of the dish is thin and so-so. The prickled cabbage is just adequate. The mock meat comes in mushroom stock and gluten does not agree with me. Overall the dish lacks the oomph to make it great unfortunately.

Quality: 3.5/5
Price: $4.50


Olive Fried Rice

The fried rice from Ci Hang is not oily at all yet able to retain the olive flavour. This will definitely be welcomed by the health buffs.

Quality: 4/5
Price: $4.50



We strongly recommend the chicken rice, mashed potato and curry fish rice from Ci Hang Vegetarian.

You can find more details on Ci Hang Vegetarian here.

Ci Hang Vegetarian is located midst the row of shophouses nearest from Aljunied MRT. You can walk to the restauant with ease from Aljunied MRT.

Location: 5/5

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