Name: Chef Icon Nature Bakery
Status: Open
Address: 5 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169341
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8am – 8pm. Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays. (Confirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: 93373900
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

Chef Icon is a boutique vegetarian bakery at the fringe of Chinatown near Outram MRT. It not only serves cakes, but also sandwiches and burgers at its shop.


Pure Chocolate Trovana


It is hard to believe that Chef Icon’s cakes do not have artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. It is a miracle how they manage to bring out the natural chocolate taste with a slight bitter taste. Its texture is so soft that it almost feels like ice-cream and melts in our mouth! We recommend that first-timers try the Chocolate Trovana.

Quality: 5/5
Price: From $37.80 onwards

New York Blueberry Cheese Cake


We assume that we will like the cheese cake. There is so much cheese that we are turned off after our second slice. It is not the fault of Chef Icon. We are just not into cheese. We must say that the cheese is really thick so cheese lovers will have a field day. Just not us :(

Quality: 4/5
Price: From $37.80 onwards

During a recent trip to Chinatown, we went to Chef Icon for lunch. The owner has re-decorated the interiors extolling the merits of good nature food. The soft lightings bring a much welcomed respite from the afternoon heat. The cosy diing area is quite small, so we do not recommend a big crowd.


There is a wide range of sandwiches and burgers for ordering. We settled on the Yakiniku Mushroom sandwich and Mexican Dream Burger at $8.80 each. The sandwich bread is freshly baked and delicious, with the slightly marinated mushroom, sliced cabbage and radish. The vegetarian ham in the burger tastes so real that we have to take a second look to ensure it is really vegetarian. In the end, we think that the sandwiches are a better bet than the burgers. We ended our lunch with a slice of cake. The Mango Boston cheese cake is a winner mixing the natural cheesy sourness with the mango sweetness. One piece is fine, but not the whole cake.





Chef Icon’s food does not come cheap, but it certainly lives up to its “Good Food Makes People Happy” slogan.


We walk to Chef Icon from the North-East exit of Outram Park MRT station.