Cafe Nature Jurong Review

We have a tough time getting to Cafe Nature. The instructions on the website is so cryptic that only Eistein can decipher. We take a long stroll in Tradehub 21 to find that Cafe Nature is situated beneath the MRT track behind Block 8 of Tradehub 21. As we are looking for Cafe De Paradiso at first, we linger outside for a while before realising that Cafe De Paradiso has been renamed as Cafe Nature.


The cheerful and bright ambiance of Cafe Nature immediately captures our attention. Colourful plastic chairs and wall paintings are plenty in the restaurant. There are not many customers when we came into the Cafe at about 6pm. We are worried that the Cafe is not doing well. However, our worries are short-lived when the customer traffic picked up after 7pm.


Braised Potatoes Chicken Rice

The mock chicken is cooked with ginger, dates and braised sauce. Though the dish is well cooked, we find the braised sauce conflicting with the sweet dates.

Price: $4
Quality: 3.5/5

Mexican Cheesy Chop

We love the Mexican Roasted Steak from Simple Food. Also, in the same review, we lamented why no one copied Simple Food’s method of putting cheese on mock patty. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we see the Mexican Cheesy Chop on the menu. We simply have to try the vegetarian western set meal. The steak is small but crispy. The spaghetti tastes good with firm noodle texture and plenty of Xiang Chun. The cream of mushroom has plenty of minced mushroom and not crunchy as what we have eaten elsewhere. We also loved the presentation of the set meal.

Price: $9
Quality: 4/5

Sambal Fish Rice

We are disappointed with the single piece of mock fish. The Sambal gravy is spicy but watery. The vegetables are mildly flavoured with soy sauce. In the end, we find the dish average.

Price: $6.50
Quality: 3/5

Cheese Pasta

If you are a cheese fanatic, this is the dish for you. There are loads of cheese in the pasta. We find the Broccoli stiff though.

Price: $6
Quality: 3/5

Mash Potato

First, the gravy is watery and salty. Second, the mash potato is thick and gluey. Third, we will not be ordering the mash potato again.

Price: $4
Quality: 2/5


Cafe Nature is a breath of fresh air in the Jurong vegetarian scene. We are impressed with the ambiance of the restaurant. It is a good hangout destination for family and friends before moving on to JEMS and Westgate. It is also more accessible by public transport than Vegetarian Villas. But all these come at a price.

You can find out about the location and operating hours of Cafe Nature online.

We reach Tradehub 21 by taking Bus 52 or 105 from the bus stop at Clementi MRT towards the direction of Tradehub 21. Cafe Nature is located along a stretch of yellow buildings under the MRT track behind Block 8 of Tradehub 21.

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