Bendemeer Food Centre

Vegetarians staying around Boon Keng housing estate are a fortunate lot! As far as we know, the Bendemeer Food Centre is the third biggest concentration of vegetarian food in Singapore, after Fortune Centre in Bugis and Circuit Road Food Centre in Macpherson.


Bendemeer Market and Food Centre is 5 minutes walk away from Boon Keng MRT along the North East Line (Exit B). There are 6 vegetarian hawker stalls and 3 snacks stalls in the food centre. Not to mention that there is another one in a coffee shop nearby and a restaurant a stone throw away! Wow that is an impressive 11 vegetarian eateries within the immediate vicinity of one another!

However, there is a catch. Most of these stalls only open till lunch. In the evening, the only reliable place to get vegetarian food is Zi Zai Vegetarian, Shan Yuan and Yuan Xiang.

Let us have a little preview of the vegetarian stalls in this vicinity. You can click on the stall names to see stall information. We are preparing reviews on some of the stalls. Do look out for it!

1) Vegetarian Food (素安斋)


2) Vegetarian (斋)


3) Chang Chun Vegetarian Food (长春素食)


4) Jian Kang Vegetarian Food (健康素食)


5) Fo Xin Vegetarian Food (佛心素食)


6) Da Shun (大顺)


7) AAA Pancake (麦煎粿)


8) Liang Liang You Tiao (亮亮油條)


9) Yuan Xiang (圆香)


10) Zi Zai Vegetarian (自在斋)


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