Name: 33 Vegetarian
Status: Open
Address: 409 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Singapore 560409
Opening Hours: Mon 11am – 8pm, Tue 11am – 6pm, Thu to Sun 11am – 8pm. Rest on Wed (Confirmed)
Onion/Garlic?: No
Alcohol?: No
Egg?: No
Organic?: No
Contact: Not Available
Email: Not Available
Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
Remarks: Not Available

As we approached 33 Vegetarian, we thought we were at the wrong stall. If one did not pay attention to the hawker stall’s signboard, one would have thought that it was any other non-vegetarian food stall. The stall was manned by a middle-aged husband and wife team. They were preparing the chilli and ginger sauce for the day. Since we found the smell similar to that of a chicken rice stall, we confirmed with the stall owners several times that the food was indeed vegetarian with no onion and garlic. They formerly sold real chicken rice but converted to vegetarian recently. No wonder the dishes were so similar to the real deal.


Healthy Vegetarian Chicken Rice Set

This was the most expensive chicken rice we had eaten at a hawker stall. However, we felt the price was justified with two servings of mock chicken (beancurd and gluten white), vegetables and ajar. We found the healthy title misleading as the vegetables are salty and mock chicken oily. Beside this slight unhealthy aspect, the dish was absolutely delicious. Some vegetarians might be uncomfortable as the mock chicken were so well marinated and flavoured that they tasted like the real thing.

Price: $6.80
Quality: 4.5/5

Vegetarian Curry Chicken with Rice

We found the curry was so spicily good that it could be eaten on its own without the rice. The carrot, beancurd and potatoes were very well cooked ad flavoured. However, the mock chicken tasted just ordinary.

Price: $3.50
Quality: 4/5

Vegetarian Chicken Burger with Fries

We found the vegetarian patty small compared to the thick bun. The serving of french fries was also pitiful. It was more of a snack than a full meal. The stall could have added lettuce or other vegetable to the dish.

Price: $4
Quality: 3/5


The stall offered the most number of vegetarian chicken dishes we had ever seen. If you liked mock vegetarian gluten-based ingredients, you have come to the right place. Most of the dishes did not come with vegetables, so you would need to supplement them with an exact order of vegetables, bean sprouts or ajar.

We travelled to the food centre on SBS Bus 50 from Bishan MRT. After alighting at the nearest bus stop. we still had to trek for another 10 minutes. Unless you were a dedicated vegetarian foodie, it was too much of a hustle just to visit the stall.

Location: 1/5